Body candle

Body candling Step by Step:
  • Accessories: at least one body candle, a protective disc (including in the pack), a glass of water (for putting out candles), a bigger piece of textile made from non-synthetic fibres (e.g. a towel or sheet) to protect the part of the skin that will not be treated, matches or a lighter.

  • The patient should lie down comfortably so that the assistant can easily have access to the area or body part that will be treated. Make sure that the patient is safe from the flame.

  • Place the protective disc between the base of the candle and the marker line. Light the upper, wider end of the candle away from the receiver.

  • Wait until the chimney effect is formed (maximum 30 seconds) and only the burning end of the candle smokes.

  • Then place the base end of the candle on the point that will be treated. The assistant always has to keep the candle in a vertical position.

  • When the candle has burnt down to 1 cm above the marker line, remove it from the body part and extinguish it carefully in the glass of water.

According to the theory of the Meridians, the physical symptoms and pain are caused by disorders in the flow of the vital energy. This flow of energy can be influenced by stimulation of the main meridian points (acupuncture/acupressure points). Through the light warm and vacuum effect and the vapours of the essential oils, the Naturhelix Body Candle helps to stimulate these points, it can ease the symptoms and contribute to the recovery. The efficiency of the treatment can be improved by giving a massage or by a light pressure of the point. All available points on our body can be treated by the body candle. The main acupuncture points can be easily found, in case of points treating special problems, or hard to treat please consult a naturopath.

The body candle can be suggested:
– in case of limb and joint problems,
– in case of migraine or headache,
– for cleaning courses,
– for naturopathic treatments.

Naturhelix Body candles are available in 15 types, based on the experiences so far the scented candles can have the following effects:

Anise – easing anxiety
Chamomile – calmative, easing
Cinnamon – stress-relieving, strengthens the nerves
Eucalyptus – improves respiration
Geranium – improves mood, balancing
Lavender – calmative
Lemon grass – stimulating, stress-relieving
Muscat sage – improves mood, animating
Nettle – purifying
Peppermint – refreshing, calmative
Rosemary – refreshing, stimulating
Tea tree – strengthening, antiseptic
Thyme – strengthening

Candles scented with other essential oil mixtures and their effects
Slim: special detoxification effect (fennel, cinnamon, lemon grass)
Crystal: general detoxification therapy (vetiver, cedar, patchouli, ylang–ylang, pine, tea tree, lemon, roman chamomile, anise, lime + dissolved ground crystals)
Propolis: inflammations, weak immune system

Body candling is a complementary therapy and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are in a doubt about your health please consult your therapist or pharmacist.