Chakra candle

Chakra candling step by step:
  • Accessories: at least one chakra candle, a protective disc (supplied with pack), a glass of water (for putting out candles), a bigger piece of textile made from non-synthetic fibres (e.g. a towel or sheet) to protect the part of the skin that will not be treated, matches or a lighter.

  • The patient should lie down comfortably so that the assistant can easily have access to the area or body part that will be treated. Make sure that the patient is safe from the flame.

  • Place the protective disc between the base of the candle and the marker line. Light the upper, wider end of the candle away from the receiver.

  • Wait until the chimney effect is formed (maximum 30 seconds) and only the burning end of the candle smokes.

  • Then place the base end of the candle on the point that will be treated. The assistant always has to keep the candle in a vertical position.

  • When the candle has burnt down to 1 cm above the marker line, remove it from the body part and extinguish it carefully in the glass of water.

The chakra points are special points of the energetic system that have special effects and tasks. The energy of the chakras can be beneficially influenced and harmonised by using special colours, crystals, essential oils. Our chakra candles are coloured and scented to fit the special colour and scent related to the chakra points. Placed on the chakra points the candle's beneficial smoke, the caused slight vacuum and warmth stimulate the nerve endings. At the same time its bioenergetics effect helps to recover the deformed energetic balance of the body.

The chakra candle can be suggested:
– for holistic therapies;
– as a complementary therapy for physical and mental problems;
– for naturopathic treatments;
– for masseurs and cosmeticians as a complementary treatment.

Chakra candling is a complementary therapy and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are in a doubt about your health please consult your therapist or pharmacist.

Chakra points:

Root chakra

Sacral chakra

Solar Plexus chakra

Hearth chakra

Troath chakra

The THIRD EYE chakra

Crown chakra