Ear candle

Ear candling step by step:
  • Accessories: one pair of ear candles (we treat the two ears), one protective disc (supplied with pack), a glass of water (for putting out the candles), cotton face cloths or cotton treatment clothes to cover the area of the ear and the hair, matches or lighter.

  • The patient should lie comfortably on his side, so that his head is in horizontal position and the assistant can easily reach the ear. Cover the patient's hair and shoulder with the treatment cloth.

  • Place the protective disc between the base of the candle and the marker line. Light the upper wider end of the candle.

  • Wait until the chimney effect is formed (maximum 30 seconds) and the smoke leaves only upwards. (on the right side)

  • Gently insert the narrow filtered base of the candle into the entrance of the patient's ear canal. The protective disc should be positioned above the assistant's hand during the treatment.

  • When the candle has burnt down to 1 cm above the marker line, remove it from the ear and extinguish it carefully in the glass of water. Then treat the other ear in the same way. After the treatment it is recommended for the patient to stay lying and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Ear candling is a simple naturopathic therapy that can be used at home as well. Placed in the entrance of the ear canal, the burning candle produces warmth and a slight vibration due to the chimney effect. The movement of the air inside the candle gives a massage to the eardrum, improves blood circulation and have a beneficial effect on the ear, nose and throat area. It's important to mention that ear candling is a very relaxing experience which can ease the stress symptoms.

Recommended use
The ear candling can be helpful in case of:
– chronic ear problems (compacted earwax, ear aches, sinus problems);
– cold, catarrh, headache, sore throat;
– hay fever, allergy;
– for everyone who: works outdoor or in dusty places, flies regularly, does water sports.

 Naturhelix children's ear candles

The Naturhelix Children's ear candles were formed to be ideal for treating children. These children's ear candles are available in three scents (chamomile, eucalyptus, propolis), they have shorter burning time and their smaller size fits the ears of children. However we suggest treating children only if they are able to stay lying and they understand that they are not allowed to touch the candle during the treatment. It's not recommended using ear candles on children under 3 years.

 Naturhelix Organic ear candles

The Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles are made from organic beeswax and organic unbleached cotton linen supplied by controlled manufacturers. The natural colour and honey fragrance of the candles are due to the high quality organic ingredients. The organic candles are hand–made without additives or colorants being produced in a special, separated area.


Naturhelix candles are available in 15 types. The vapour of the used essential oils can ease the symptoms in the following cases:

Anis – cough, catarrh
Chamomile – ear and respiratory problems, cold, headache, feeling unwell
Cinnamon – heavy breathing, throat ache
Clary sage – stress, tension
Eucalyptus – heavy breathing, cold
Geranium – tension, stress, feeling unwell
Lavender – headache stress
Lemon grass – stress, headache
Nettle – feeling unwell
Peppermint – heavy breathing, cold
Rosemary – throat ache, catarrh
Tea tree – ear and respiratory problems, cold
Thyme – throat ache, catarrh

Special solutions:
Crystal - tension, feeling unwell
Propolis - ear problems, cold, throat ache

Clause: Ear candling is a complementary therapy and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are in a doubt about your health please consult your therapist or pharmacist.