What are ear candles good for?

Ear candling is suggested in case of ear problems, respiratory problems, cold and stress symptoms, it's also useful for relaxing. To fasten the recovery we can use different complementary therapies, we can complete the ear candling with tea cure, compress or poultice, inhalation. In the following we are suggesting such complex therapies for the most frequent problems.

What kind of ear candling therapy can be suggested in case of...

…chronic ear problems (tinnitus, excessive ear wax)?

Chronic tinnitus can be caused by physical or neurological problems. If your complaints are so intensive that they disturb your daily routine, please consult a specialist. Tinnitus can be eased by regular ear and head massage or by treating the relating acupuncture points. Ear candling has a soothing, relaxing effect and it helps keeping the ear clean. For these kinds of problems we suggest the use of Chamomile, Tea tree, or Propolis scented ear candles.

…respiratory problems (sore throat, cough, heavy breathing)?

Sore throat can be treated by a compress with lemon on the throat. We can gargle with thyme, chamomile or rosemary tea, and have some spoonful of honey. Catarrh problems can be eased by having narrowleaf plantain syrup or tea or thyme tea (one cup in the morning and one in the evening). A bath with mustard seeds (200 g smashed seeds for a bath) can help children's problems. Steaming, inhaling with salty hot water or chamomile tea can be effective too. For easing these kinds of problems we suggest the use of Tea tree, Rosemary, Thyme, Anise, or Cinnamon scented ear candles.

...cold, hay fever?

If we have a cold, it's important to intake fluid: thyme, lime-blossom or rosehip tea is very effective (the rosehip shouldn't be boiled, just soaked and warmed after), hot foot-bath (e.g. with rosemary for half an hour) helps as well. The blocked nose or nasal catarrh can be treated with salty nasal drops, inhalation with eucalyptus or peppermint is also useful. For easing these kinds of problems we suggest the use of chamomile, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Propolis, or Tea tree scented ear candles.

...headache, being unwell?

When we have headache, the soothing lemongrass tea or chamomile tea can help, we can put lavender or thyme poultice on our forehead or temple. We can try to use the relating acupuncture points on the head or on the hand: 1. point: Between the eyebrows on the root of the nose. 2. point: Between the first and second metacarpal bones (bones of the hand) on the dorsal side / back of the hand. (More precisely: on the top of the triangular area between our opened index finger and thumb, towards the wrist.) In case of chronic and intensive headache or migraine, it is suggested consulting your doctor or a specialist to preclude an occasional serious cause or disease. For easing these kinds of problems we suggest the use of Lemongrass, Nettle, Chamomile, Lavender, or Propolis scented ear candles.

...easing stress symptoms, relaxation?

Continuous stress, nervousness wears us out, so it is very important to find some time for relaxing, for active recreation, to find a pleasant and motivating, reanimating activity. Practicing yoga or meditation can be useful. In case of stress or nervousness a cup of apple-peel or lemongrass tea can help. For easing these kinds of problems we suggest the use of Lemongrass, Geranium, Clary sage or Cristal scented ear candles.

Finally we would like to notice that ear candle is a naturopathic device, used for alternative or complementary treatment of slighter problems and illnesses. As prescribed medicines don't have the same effect on everyone, neither the ear candle is useful for every patient. But experiences and feedbacks show that it is an effective method for many users, however the exact effect mechanism has not been clear yet.