The Khanty Shaman's legacy


Translation of the video: The Khanty people treat illnesses with the help of different herbs. Here, a Khanty father treats the hurting ear of his daughter with a self-made ear candle. The candle is a piece of cloth, impregnated with herbs. The burning candle helps to remove ear discharge. (Kocsis, Tibor: The Khanty Shaman's legacy, 1998)

In a French TV broadcast the afternoon talking about ear candle. Look at this little video subtitled in English.



We want to present this video as a parody of ear candling. We kindly ask you not to make an ear candle treatment this way!
The scene: Shi Lin Market, Taiwan. Every moment of the activity on this video are opposing to our conception (circumstances, steps) of a proper earcandling. The calmness, the intimacy, the attention of the person who makes the treatment, the relaxing experience of the earcandling, even the minimal hygienic conditions are missing.
So please do not make an ear candle treatment like this!